About Cheek Machine:

Cheek Machine was established in 1994. We produce precision CNC machined parts for the aerospace, medical, automotive, marine, and commercial industries. We rapidly set ourselves apart from other machine shops by providing quality parts delivered on time. Our high quality and on-time delivery satisfies many of our customers' dock to stock requirements. As of July 2009, our quality system is in compliance with AS9100. Our Customers also rely upon our flexibility which enables us to run high volume production as well as prototype quantities. We work with exotic materials like titanium, inconel, waspaloy, and aerospace stainless as well as all conventional materials. We look forward to providing you with the quality, service, and on time delivery that you deserve.

Four Attributes Describe What We Are About

Timeliness: This is the ability to deliver a job when it was originally agreed upon. Although this may seem like a rather simple goal to achieve, it is rarely done so in the business world. We have a great reputation of on-time performance that is not matched easily by our competitors. We keep the turn-around time of an order to the minimum amount of time possible as we have the necessary commitment to meet the demand, the manpower, and high-tech automated equipment.
Quality Control: Assuring our customers that each manufactured piece machined by us will meed or exceed their specifications for that job. A high quality product on every job, may it be large or small is assured by our Quality Control program. Our veteran machinists are the reason that our Quality Control program is so successful.
Communication: The exchange of information between two corporations or individuals. Most times it is distorted or misunderstood, and this can lead to costly missed deadlines and cost overruns. Cheek Machine is family owned and the lines of communication are never distorted. When dealing with us you will know that the person you are working is authorized to make any and all decisions concerning a job. This will ensure that all lines of communication will be clear and direct.
Reliability: This is the end result of all the other categories put together. Achieving perfection in the aforementioned categories will guarantee perfection in this category. Our reliability has earned us the respect and business of dozens of companies. It has brought us projects ranging from small to large, and it is what will impress you when you work with us.

*Cheek Machine is a Minority Woman Owned business.
*Cheek Machine is certified by the SBA as a participant in the 8(a) program.
*Our quality system is in compliance with AS9100

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